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Christopher Nielsen is an award winning composer, performer and creative entrepreneur. His career as a musician and multimedia composer/producer spans over 40 years in various mediums. His unique music style invokes visual imagery and imagination. His scoring to picture connects mood and character elements with story lines in a way that compliments and empowers emotional context.



This collection of 13 skillfully performed instrumental compositions reflect interludes of passion and expressive musicianship. The songs and compositions were gathered from over a 40 year period in Christopher's career as a composer, musician, artist, and creator.

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WINNER: "Best Instrumental Album of the Year 2021" Lifoti Magazine. This collection of 11 modern classical and contemporary instrumental compositions. [DIGITAL ONLY RELEASE] Each piece is a landscape of unique musical colors and expressions. Instrumentation ranges from modern orchestral to synth-pop, and easy listening. Each composition reflects a unique emotion while carrying a common thematic flavor of passion and nuance.

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This collection of solo piano themes with artistically blended nature sounds was released in 2005 and is available on iTunes and most distribution networks. This was recorded at MN Public Radio's Studio M in St. Paul MN.

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Composer - Musician - Producer

Music from the heart that stimulates visual landscapes of imagination
Christopher Nielsen's passion for cinematic composition is inspired by many great composers, producers, and songwriters. As a classically trained musician, multi-instrumentalist and technically savvy producer, Christopher has developed a skill for creating powerful and imaginative musical landscapes that help define stories and connect listeners with emotions. With diverse tastes in musical styles, he can approach musical harmonization and composition with an open mind for colorful possibilities. His many years as a professional drummer/percussionist and fluid keyboard skills helps him add special punch and flair to the percussive sounds and textures found in most modern film composition. His love for jazz and improvisational music allows him to write compelling and soulful melodies that you can love and remember.

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The CNP Creative Music Studios have been engineered for efficient high quality music production. Christopher Nielsen's musical creativity and skill round-off the CNP Creative Labs capacity to deliver powerful and unique music compositions that will make your film or media production stand out.